Patient flow and function are key elements when designing efficient workplaces for a medical office, clinic, or hospital. Our expertise in medical office buildings, clinics and ambulatory care facilities ensures that the medical facilities we design meet our clients’ functional, aesthetic and business goals.


Retailers must remain fresh and on the cutting edge to stay relevant in the eyes of the customer and remain competitive. The design and layout of retail stores must emotionally engage customers while stimulating sales.


Creating a wellness experience includes attention to detail in locker rooms, weight rooms, and multi-purpose rooms. A multi-use complex creates a healthier future for users. Our designs seamlessly integrate training, learning, health and fitness for the ultimate fitness experience.


Business performance and employee retention can be realized in design solutions that integrate building interior and exterior while delivering a business-centered experience.


A unique dining experience combines culinary skills and ambiance. Blending functionality, with indoor/outdoor dining allows for maximum use of dining space and customer choice.


Industrial projects blend a mixture of required machinery, office functionality and production space that will effectively and efficiently produce a product.


Private schools and churches have specialized needs. Multi-purpose areas, gymnasiums, and auditoriums represent unique features of the design.


Parking garage design and traffic flow allows for best use of space and provides the owner the opportunity to realize maximum profits.

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